Healthy Clean Workplaces

VIDEO: Dr Gerba – Kitchen Hygiene

Dr Charles P. Gerba points out the areas we should be concerned about in an average workplace kitchen, plus gives some quick basic tips on how to prevent the build up of bacteria and disease.

Dr Gerba’s most recent research uncovers the link between unhygienic workplaces and sickness, and the affect on productivity.

This is a very relevant area of research to New Zealand businesses; it’s proven that workplace productivity is affected by a dirty environment. Can you afford to lose productivity?

The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The desk may look clean, but is it really?

Workplace illness is a significant health issue in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health estimates that each year it has a large impact on our community with 10-20 per cent of people affected by viruses such as influenza, and your office is the most common place for adults to contract a cold, the flu or other illnesses. Think about the germs that you are potentially taking home to your family.