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About Crest Commercial Cleaning

Crest Commercial Cleaning (India) Pvt. Ltd is an official licensee of the “CrestClean Operating System”, as licensed by Crest Licensing Systems Ltd, from New Zealand.

Established in New Zealand 1996 where it is a market leader, CrestClean has gained an excellent reputation as a capable service provider.

New Zealand is a developed nation, with very high standards of public health and hygiene. Since 1996 CrestClean has researched and developed industry-leading practices, which ensure that housekeeping and cleaning services are conducted to international standards.

CrestClean Operating Systems

CrestClean’s operating systems provide a comprehensive set of operating procedures, which follow ‘best practice’ industry standards for a modern cleaning and property services company.

The system includes comprehensive training programmes, use of technologically advanced equipment, environmentally responsible chemicals, health and safety and security as well as formal quality assurance programmes promote a high contract retention rate.

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CrestClean Delhi

CrestClean’s Delhi operation is headed by Mr Ajit Jain.  Ajit was educated at the University of Melbourne, Australia, before operating a successful Master Franchise for CrestClean in Auckland New Zealand.

Mrs Shikha Jain looks after sales enquiries and maintains high-level customer relationships.

CrestClean’s clients in India have ‘Peace of Mind’ that their housekeeping and cleaning services are based on International training standards as set down by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Strong Corporate Operating Systems

Providing a reliable housekeeping service is all about systems, training and quality management.

CrestClean’s personnel are directed by comprehensive corporate operating systems. They are trained to follow set procedures and are supported by experienced local managers.

The result is a consistent high quality service from a motivated housekeeping team

Core Values of Crest

  • Corporate Operating Systems
  • Security Compliances
  • International Training Standards
  • Environmental Compliances
  • Health and Safety Compliances

Strategic Alliances and Associations

CrestClean is a member of the Franchise Associations of New Zealand, India and Singapore. The Association’s provides a ‘Code of Practice’ and a ‘Code of Ethics’ by which all its members must abide.

CrestClean has a number of strategic alliances with international property companies, facilities managers, and other property service providers in order to develop a high quality integrated service.

Many of our customers are multinational, as are the real estate management companies that look after our customers’ buildings. There are great future synergies for CrestClean’s international expansion to network within these alliances of property managers and customers.

Delhi residents Ajit and Shikha Jain recognised the great opportunity to bring a western–format Service Company to their home city, the bustling metropolis of Delhi.

Grant McLauchlan with CrestClean India personnel

Grant McLauchlan with CrestClean India personnel

Since securing the Master License for Delhi in 2009, Crest Commercial Cleaning (India) Pvt. has employed 600 people in India. It is now on track to expand that to 3000 employees in the next two years, as a growing number of companies in India place more emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness.

“We have established ourselves in this powerhouse economy at an opportune time,” says Crest’s Managing Director Grant McLauchlan. “As the Indian economy becomes more sophisticated, customers, particularly international corporates, are demanding better hygiene standards. Many people tell us that one of the big barriers to doing business in India is hygiene and so we are seeing savvy companies starting to make that a priority” Mr McLauchlan says.

He says with a 6-9 per cent growth rate and a population of a billion people, India’s growth potential is huge. “The country has developed more of a Western feel in the big cities and there are large shopping malls and office blocks emerging all over the skyline.”

“Obviously there is an opportunity for us to maintain these buildings, whether it is the provision of cleaning services or electrical and mechanical maintenance of the infrastructure.” he says. Cleaning, or housekeeping as it is known in India, is worth around $150 billion per annum but is currently serviced by untrained, poorly resourced contracting companies.

Competition for customers is tough, as hundreds of new shopping malls try to attract people through cleaner more hygienic environments for the new middle class, which is relocating to Indian cities.

Mr McLauchlan says Crest is doing well in the Indian market because it is a quality brand, with excellent training programmes in place for staff. The training in India is based on New Zealand standards. “Training has a very positive effect on morale, motivation and on the person’s ability to carry out cleaning to high standards. The result is a competent cleaning team who perform a  quality service for their customers.”


Future Opportunities

CrestClean’s strategy is to expand internationally by promoting country and large city Master Franchises. The short-term focus is to open new territories in Southeast Asia and India, where there has been huge real estate growth and investment by multinational corporations. All buildings need cleaning, and all new building good cleaning to international standards.

Franchising is also growing as a business format around the world. Not only does it bring strong brands to a local marketplace, franchising brings modern business systems, marketing, IT and training systems to new territories. It is a well-known fact that the success rate of franchise-format business systems is very high compared to non-franchised businesses.

Crestclean will continue to develop and expand it’s support systems and training programmes ensure a position of leadership within both the cleaning and franchising sectors.

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