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Carpet Cleaners

Crest’s carpet cleaning service is a convenient and professional service for carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Crest has trained carpet cleaners, who are experienced in carpet cleaning and stain removal.  Crest only uses a hot water extraction process, which is the best method of carpet cleaning.  Machines that use a dry process with powders and chemicals are inferior, because they leave a detergent residue behind on the carpet.  This residue actually attracts dirt, which can result in new dirt building up quickly, making the carpet look unclean.

The hot water extraction process forces hot water into the carpet, and then the machine sucks it straight out.  The hot water dislodges dirt and debris from the carpet fibres, leaving the carpet warm so it quickly dries.

Crest’s carpet cleaning services include:

  • Crisis call outs
  • Spillage clean-ups – small and large
  • Full carpet cleaning
  • Flood damage
  • Competitive per square metre rate or by quotation

No job is too big or too small.  From a spilt coffee plunger to a large hall, Crest’s carpet cleaning service is the one to call.

Carpet cleaning can be included as part of an annual cleaning contract – many customers prefer this, as it ensures that carpeted areas are regularly cleaned (every 3, 6 or 12 months) which prolongs the life of the carpet.

Crest can also advise on stain removal and odour control.  Please call or email Crest carpet cleaners for a quotation.