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Cleaning Tiled Floors

Crest can assist with the cleaning can maintenance of tiled floors.  There are several techniques and processes that we can use to restore the look of dull and soiled tiles.

  • Hot Washing – with a mop and solution will remove most surface dirt and grime.
  • Machine Buffing – with a polisher and a suitable pad will remove stubborn marks like black shoe rubber, wheel marks and scuffs.  The buffing polishes the tiles restoring a shine to the surface.
  • Applying Sealer – depending on the tiles and the type of usage, a sealer can be applied which seals the surface with a protective coating.  The coating can prevent spillages from staining the grout, and it also aids regular cleaning with a mop or microfibre mop.

Crest can advise you on the most suitable cleaning and maintenance plan for tiled floors.