Healthy Clean Workplaces

Going the extra mile

At Crest, we have a philosophy of providing a quality of service that customers really appreciate.

Like a lot of business relationships, it’s the ‘extra effort’ that makes a difference. A smile from a bank teller, having your window washed at a petrol station, being greeted by your name – these are the small things that create a memorable experience for you as a customer.

Crest franchisees strive to ‘go the extra mile’ for their customers. The NZQA training makes them expert cleaners, and because they’re owner operators they want to learn and apply modern customer service principles. They look for things to do that make a difference to their customers.

Some examples of the extras we do for customers are:

  • Changing clocks for daylight saving
  • Watering plants
  • Checking doors and windows to ensure they are locked
  • Noting maintenance items in the communication books
  • Calling customers directly if anything seems amiss

Crest franchisees use their initiatives to contribute to the smooth running of a customer’s premises. We think about what extra things we can do that would make a difference.

Going the extra mile is why Crest has such long-term relationships with our customers – franchisees become valuable assets to their customers, and they’re appreciated for the extra effort that they put into their roles.