Healthy Clean Workplaces

Janitorial Service

Janitorial services are well known in America. We use the term to describe our service of cleaning a customer’s kitchen and bathroom areas during the daytime.

In many busy workplaces kitchens and bathrooms experience heavy use, necessitating an extra cleaning cycle to be performed part way through the day.

“It’s in the interest of improved hygiene and presentation to service these facilities part way through the day,” says Dries Mangnus, Crest’s Auckland Regional Manager.

Bluebird Foods, Vita NZ and Actronic Electronics are examples of customers that Crest provides a janitorial service to.  “Each has a very busy workplace environment, and after morning tea and lunch the kitchenettes need a clean.  We also gather cups, mugs and dishes and run a cycle through the dishwasher.  Overall it creates a better environment for the staff and it improves hygiene.  The bathrooms are now cleaned during the day and in the evenings.  Staff are very appreciative of this service.”

Having a janitorial service keeps an eye on the smooth running of the bathrooms, and the operator can replenish consumables as required.

Some benefits of a janitorial service are:

  • Improved presentation and hygiene
  • Management of day to day issues
  • Communication with customers and interfacing with the night cleaning team
  • Management of consumables – fill, replenish and replace
  • Agreed service times to suit the customer
  • Can perform ‘odd jobs’ as required

“Adding a janitorial service doesn’t cost twice as much,” says Dries.  Often the janitorial service covers tasks that can be removed from the night cleaning team.  It’s all about creating an improved standard of cleanliness and hygiene for the customer.  This results in a better workplace environment, which keeps staff happy.  “We find great feedback from our janitorial service,” says Dries.  “Customers love it, and we see that it promotes a higher degree of care and less abuse of facilities from staff and employees.”