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“Odd Jobs” Service

Crest’s “odd jobs” service goes beyond cleaning – often customers have other “odd” tasks that they need done.  Small jobs, tidying up, assistance here and there – not tradesman jobs, just ‘things’ that need to be done!  Crest’s franchisees have good general skills, and they are only too happy to assist with giving their customers a helping hand.  It’s great for office Spring Cleaning.

We only charge for the actual time.  It simply gets added to your monthly invoice – with the appropriate order number reference and description of the job.

Some examples of “odd jobs” we perform for customers are:

  • Carrying courier parcels
  • Re-stocking photocopier paper
  • Relocating desks, workstations and other equipment
  • Removing surplus items for disposal
  • Tidying warehouses
  • Opening packages
  • Unpacking sea containers
  • Tidying gardens and outdoor areas
  • Spring cleaning

Having a Crest franchisee attend to your “odd jobs” is a cost effective way of making sure these jobs get done.  It won’t tie up your staff or tie up your time – Crest franchisees are ‘on-to-it’ and you can easily instruct Crest to attend to a series of jobs – which will be charged on an hourly basis.

Sometimes a job will require a couple of extra hands – this is no problem to organise, as Crest can quickly direct 2, 3 or 4 capable people to attend to any tasks that you may require.

Case Study:

Fonterra – Copypaper and courier parcels.
Each day the printers and photocopiers at Fonterra’s corporate headquarters churn through reams and reams of paper – how does the paper get delivered to each floor?  Well, this has always been a headache for Fonterra staff.  The boxes containing 5 reams of paper are quite heavy to lift – and when the paper runs out during a job staff have to fetch a box from the inwards goods area downstairs, causing frustration.

The solution!  Contracting the Crest franchisee to a daily job of replenishing the photocopier paper.  Samuela Barikuta a tall and strong man is part of Crest’s night cleaning team at Fonterra.  Sam has also been looking after “odd jobs” at Fonterra for 2 hours per day during the daytime.  He attends to a daily task list plus he has a set routine of checking the stock levels of paper at all the printing stations.  He also delivers courier parcels, which have resulted in a further efficiency for Fonterra’s staff.

The “odd jobs” service has been very cost efficient for Fonterra – they haven’t had to deal with any employment issues, and the contracted services can be increased or decreased at any time.  Sam’s become ‘part of the furniture’ and his helpful disposition and pleasant manner has made getting any “odd jobs” done no problem for Fonterra.

Case Study:

Fonterra – Moving workstations, relocating equipment.
As New Zealand’s largest company, Fonterra has a very busy workplace environment.  Projects are always commencing, and staff need to be relocated to different parts of the building to attend to project tasks.  Relocations were always a headache for the facilities manager – contract movers had to be used, and they had to be escorted as they relocated furniture and equipment because they didn’t know the building.

Problem Solved:  Crest’s “odd jobs” man has been able to manage the relocations.  Because he’s familiar with the layout of the building he can follow a plan.

The facilities manager simply marks up a plan – i.e. move workstation from position “A” to position “B” and the Crest franchisee takes it from there.  If several items need to be moved, an email to Crest’s regional manager will instigate a 2-man team attending to the duties.  This system has made things a lot easier for the facilities manager, as there is no need for any direct supervision.

The service is also cost effective – Crest charges $25.00 per hour plus GST for this service, which is a whole lot cheaper than the rates that movers would charge.