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Response Cleaning

Accidents happen, whether it’s a plunger of coffee being knocked over or a severe rainfall causing a flood, Crest can assist its customers with our Response Cleaning call out service.

Ajit Jain, an Auckland Regional Manager has handled his fair share of crisis clean-ups.

“It’s part of our service to our customers,” says Ajit “If they have an accident or a problem they know that they can call us and we’ll do our best to help.”

Crest has a specialist carpet cleaners equipped with hot water extraction machines.  These units have a powerful suction pump on board which extracts water from carpets and surfaces.  In recent months Ajit’s had several call-outs caused by unusually heavy rainstorms.  With a simple call to Crest we can organise a response team to attend to the clean up.

“We do big jobs and small jobs,” says Ajit.  “For example, if a coffee plunger spills or breaks, Crest can quickly come and extract the liquid, then shampoo the carpet, eliminating staining.  We have been able to fix many problems for customers that could have ended up a whole lot worse,” comments Ajit.

The cost of the service can often be quoted over the phone, or an agreed hourly rate can be set.

Crest provides this Response Service to all its customers.  “Property managers find it especially useful,” says Ajit.  “We do a lot for Bayleys in Auckland.  They like us because we are quick and efficient.  We get the job sorted quickly, so the customer’s workplace gets back to normal as soon as possible.”