Healthy Clean Workplaces

Spring Cleaning

Crest performs spring cleaning for many of its regular customers.  Spring cleaning are duties that are not necessarily included in a general cleaning contract, yet are required to be attended to from time to time to keep a building clean and looking good.

Examples of spring cleaning or maintenance cleaning are:

  • Wiping down kitchen cupboards
  • Cleaning office furniture and workstations
  • Sweeping warehouses
  • Water blasting pathways
  • Cleaning high windows
  • High dusting and cobweb removal
  • Cleaning light fittings and lenses
  • Washing exteriors of buildings
  • Stripping and polishing vinyl floors
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning

Crest can advise customers of how to schedule spring cleaning into an annual cleaning program.  Spring cleaning can be actioned by request or it can be cycled on a periodic basis.

Crest is happy to perform any spring cleaning or maintenance cleaning jobs for existing or new customers.