Healthy Clean Workplaces

Upholstery Cleaning

Crest provides a specialist upholstery cleaning service for its customers.

It is recommended that office chairs with fabric coverings should be cleaned annually, to ensure they remain looking clean and presentable.

Crest’s upholstery cleaning service utilises carpet cleaning machines that use a hot water extraction process.  A special upholstery cleaning attachment is used.  The process cleans, sanitises and removes stains.

Crest can clean chairs as required – stains are best removed right away.  We will perform an annual service during the Christmas break or over a holiday weekend, so chairs can dry well before being used by staff.

Leather and vinyl chairs are cleaned using only microfibre cloths and water – no cleaning agents are used which prevents any residues staining clothing.

Cleaning office chairs and furniture annually rejuvenates fabric and makes the chairs and furniture look like new again.