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Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Vinyl is still one of the most popular floor coverings.  It is a very serviceable and long lasting product, but it needs to be correctly maintained in order for it to look its best and to prolong its life.

Vinyl and linoleum floors need to have a layer of polish applied.  The polish creates a hard layer on the surface, which protects the vinyl below.  It’s like varnish protecting a wooden table – foot traffic and movements wear the polish, but the vinyl remains protected.

The layer of polish also creates a lustre and a sheen.  A nicely polished vinyl floor has a depth to it, which creates a gleam on the surface.  Once the polish has been applied the floor can be easily maintained with a microfibre mop.  The fibres in the mop remove dirt and debris from the surface.  As the polish wears it will dull – this becomes evident in high traffic areas.  Using a buffer can easily restore the shine – this is a simple process providing the floor has a good layer of polish applied.

Crest has a great deal of experience in vinyl floor care; we have trained and experienced operators in each region who specialise in vinyl floors.

Our main services are:

  • Stripping and polishing of vinyl floors
  • Machine buffing of vinyl floors
  • Restoration of old vinyl

We use top quality products and processes to achieve high quality results.  One of Crest’s most experienced vinyl care operators is Alby Brown from Tauranga.  “Making a good job on a vinyl floor is like painting,” says Alby.  “It’s all about good preparation, using quality products, careful application and patience. An old dull vinyl floor can come up gleaming,” comments Alby.

Crest advises that the application of a good quality polish is an investment in both the presentation of the premises, and also in the longevity of the vinyl.

In today’s market we are often asked by customers for the most economical approach.  Crest’s recommendation of an economical system of vinyl floor care is as follows:

  1. Strip old polish, careful application of a good quality polish.
  2. Regular cleaning with microfibre mops.  No cleaning agents are used which can breakdown the polish.
  3. Mopping and hot washing only used in areas of high usage where dirt builds up.
  4. Buffing only as required to restore sheen – use of correct buffing pad is essential so as not to remove polish unnecessarily.
  5. Re-stripping and polishing only as the floor needs it.

The above system minimise the total annual cost of maintaining vinyl floors, yet still gives a high degree of presentation.  “We are very happy to explain these processes and inspect a customers floor to give them an individual recommendation,” says Alby.  “It’s like anything – there are various ways of doing it with various results – for us it’s about assessing what a customer would like to achieve in terms of presentation and price.”  We can recommend a vinyl floor care and maintenance programme which is very cost effective yet gives good results.”

For any vinyl floor care advice or an individual consultation please call or email Crest so your local vinyl floor care expert can make contact with you.