Healthy Clean Workplaces

Industrial Cleaning

CrestClean teams stand behind industry. From large multinational food processors to engineering plants and large scale sites CrestClean teams will keep you clean behind the scenes.

Industrial cleaning and factory cleaning is all about compliances. Since 1996 CrestClean have developed industry leading systems, procedures and management to ensure that our service meets and exceeds our customers compliances for Health and Safety and Environment.

Training and Security

CrestClean provides a consistent standard of service from the same cleaning team on site, with no changes of personnel happening all the time.

Health & Safety Compliances

Fact: Other companies claim their staff are trained in Health & Safety, but to what standard and by whom? Cleaning staff are your responsibility while on your premises.

Fact: All CrestClean personnel are properly trained to understand international Unit Standards of “Safe working practices in the cleaning industry”.

Health & Safety inductions

We abide by our customers’ Health and Safety policies and ensure all protocols are followed.

Chemical Safety

Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals we use are carried in CrestClean vehicles and can be downloaded from our website. No equipment or chemicals are stored at our customers’ premises unless they are stored in a secure area.

Environmental Compliance

Fact: Other companies claim to utilise Green practices and chemicals, has this been validated? Industry Training is the primary fundamental basis of Green practices.

Fact: All CrestClean personnel use Environmentally Responsible Chemicals, which meet international environmental standards. As part of their training program, all personnel are trained in the latest CrestClean Green Cleaning processes.

CrestClean’s Environmental Compliances are documented and are available to customers’ to contribute to their own sustainable footprint.


CrestClean staff are professionally trained in the latest techniques of cleaning and hygiene by CrestClean’s training managers – The training programmes are based on the material developed by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. CrestClean is a corporate member of the BICS, which is the world’s foremost cleaning industry training programme provider. The training includes material from the New Zealand Health & Safety Employment Act 1992, which covers many practical aspects of workplace safety.

All personnel are training in practical cleaning, and receive a proper induction to the buildings where they will work in order that they can perform their duties to a high standard. The courses involve theory, practical experience and a formal assessment of the material to international Unit Standards criteria.

CrestClean Quality Assurance Protocols

Local supervisors are responsible for assuring the quality and reliability of all our services. For large-scale premises we create site-specific Quality Audit documentation to meet the site’s individual requirements.

Customer Quality Feedback

We regularly ask all our industrial-cleaning customers for feedback on our service. Online customer quality feedback systems provide easy access, enabling our managers to maintain a clear picture of the quality of our work and to address any issues immediately.

Health and Safety Documentation

CrestClean has formalised all its Health and Safety systems and requirements. The following documents are available for your information on request:

  • Health and Safety Management Practices
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Spill Response Plan
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Chemical Formulation Environmental Criteria
  • CrestClean personnel will follow our customers’ specific Health and Safety policies