Healthy Clean Workplaces

Office Cleaners

CrestClean office cleaning is more than just cleaning. Our aim is to create Healthy Clean Workplace environments for an organisation’s customers and staff.

Having a clean and hygienic office is the simplest way to improve your workplace environment.

It’s not an easy task; staff eat at desks, they leave food in the fridge, they put their unclean hands everywhere, contaminating touch points. It’s estimated that 80% of infections are transmitted by touch.

“Hot Desking” adds to the hygiene dilemma, as do sharing computer mice and telephones.

Employers are required to provide clean and hygienic workplaces. A dirty workplace is often cited as a reason why staff leave – meaning extra recruitment and training costs.

The cost of sick days is also high, especially during winter flu season. Our Sanitising Service can significantly reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Better office cleaners and hygiene can improve productivity through reducing absenteeism.

We’ve been great office cleaners for many years, cleaning offices for large and small companies and organisations.


All personnel are trained to international standards in cleaning and hygiene, and undertake annual refresher training to ensure that best “best practice” cleaning and hygiene procedures are followed.

Preventing cross-contamination

CrestClean uses separate equipment and colour-coded microfibre mops and cloths to minimise bacterial and viral cross-contamination between kitchen, office and toilets.


Green Cleaning is not just a response to fashionable trend – it has significant sustainable business benefits too. It improves hygiene, saves energy, reduces waste and creates a healthier workplace environment. CrestClean uses ‘Environmentally Responsible’ cleaning products, which have minimal impact on the environment while effectively protecting the health of your staff and customers. The chemicals are formulated to meet international environmental criteria; full compliance documentation is available.

Microfibre mops and cloths

CrestClean cleaners use only high-tech microfibre mops and cloths which ‘hook’ dirt (using less chemicals), and they make a great job of cleaning shiny surfaces like glass and tiles.

Customer Care

CrestClean’s management systems are designed to ensure that our customer
relationships are efficient, satisfying and enduring.

  • We follow fully documented Quality Assurance Protocols.
  • A formal customer feedback protocol ensures that our exceptionally high service levels are maintained.
  • CrestClean fosters long-term relationships with both our customers and our personnel.
  • All personnel are trained to respond promptly to customer requests and instructions.
  • Online customer quality feedback systems ensure prompt responses to any issues.


Our personnel are trained to respect and protect our customers’ security. They are properly employed, sign confidentiality contracts, and wear distinctive uniforms with photo ID.

A clean office keeps staff happy, healthy and productive. Contact us now to discuss how CrestClean can create a Health Clean Workplace at your premises through improved office cleaners.