Healthy Clean Workplaces

Crest offers specialised cleaning regimes for Retail / Showroom Environments, and other ‘high foot traffic areas’

Presentation is everything in a retail or high foot traffic environment. Gleaming windows, shining floors and beautifully presented product are all part of attracting people into your space.

Customers walk in with dirt and debris off the street…they also bring coughs, colds and the flu; potentially contaminating your environment. Cross contamination is now recognised as a leading cause of workplace sickness, and it is largely unseen. Germs pass from customer to staff, staff to staff, and next thing you have absenteeism.

The solution?

A specialised cleaning system that not only improves presentation, but also sanitises workplaces improving the hygiene as well.

CrestClean utilises colour-coded microfibre cloths to clean hygienically, and Rubbermaid microfibre mops to clean floors expertly. With modern equipment and internationally trained personnel, CrestClean will bring a healthy shine to your retail environment.

Efficient Microfibre Mops and Cloths

CrestClean cleaners use only high-tech microfibre mops and cloths which ‘hook’ dirt (using less chemicals), and give especially attractive results on shiny surfaces like glass and tiles.

CrestClean Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Chemicals

The use of chemicals as cleaning agents is necessary to achieve a high standard of cleaning and hygiene.
CrestClean has uses a range of Environmentally Responsible cleaning chemicals, which are safe for users and our customers. CrestClean can offer a unique compliant Green Cleaning service.

Crest’s Sanitising Service

Crest’s Sanitising Service involves the application of an Anti-Viral Sanitiser to specific surfaces that people touch, i.e. door knobs, door push plates, kitchen areas, taps, microwave ovens, refrigerators, toilet buttons, soap dispensers, hand dryers etc.
Crest’s Anti-Viral Sanitiser is a wide spectrum bactericide, fungicide and virucide, effective against: Influenza A (Swine flu H1N1), HIV-1 (AIDS), Hepatitis B & C, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, E-coli*.