Healthy Clean Workplaces

CrestClean Quality Assurance Program

With CrestClean as your cleaning service provider, you receive guaranteed quality from experienced professionals. To achieve this, we operate a Quality Assurance Program that involves the following factors:

Health and Safety

A clean and hygienic workplace is not only a legal requirement, it can also create a significant payoff in terms of improved staff retention and reduced absenteeism with fewer days lost to sickness. CrestClean offers you a Health & Safety compliant cleaning service with equipment and procedures that produce industry leading hygiene standards.
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CrestClean’s Green Cleaning is not just a response to fashionable trend – it has significant sustainable business benefits too. It improves hygiene, saves energy, reduces waste and creates a healthier workplace environment. CrestClean is committed to leading the industry in environmental systems and protocols.
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Training and Qualifications

No other cleaning company matches our commitment to on going training and development. CrestClean staff are professionally trained in the latest techniques of cleaning and hygiene by CrestClean’s training managers – The training programmes are based on the material developed by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. All personnel are trained in practical cleaning, and receive a proper induction to the buildings where they will work in order that they can perform their duties to a high standard.
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Security Certification and Insurance

CrestClean’s screening procedures and Security protocols gives our customers a unique degree of confidence in the honesty and integrity of the people cleaning their premises. Before CrestClean personnel enter your premises they must first pass through the industry’s most rigorous personnel selection process.
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Customer Care

CrestClean’s customer care procedures are designed to ensure that the quality of our service surpasses our customers’ expectations. CrestClean personnel adhere to a comprehensive set of corporate systems and protocols. Our relationships with customers are conducted professionally at all levels of contact.
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Our Tools of Trade

CrestClean is constantly reviewing and upgrading all equipment used by our personnel. Our procurement team look for advances in Environmental and Safety features, as well as equipment that increases productivity and efficiency.
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