Healthy Clean Workplaces

Customer Care

CrestCleans’s customer care procedures are designed to ensure that the quality of our service surpasses our customers’ expectations.

CrestClean personnel adhere to a comprehensive set of corporate systems and protocols. Our relationships with customers are conducted professionally at all levels of contact.

Communication Books

We recognise that communication is an important part of customer satisfaction. Each customer site has a communication book to relay “day to day” communication and also to log additional requests. All personnel are trained to respond promptly to customer requests and instructions.

Site Audits

For large-scale premises we create site-specific Quality Audit documentation to meet the site’s individual requirements.

Customer Quality Feedback

We regularly ask all our customers for feedback on our service. Online customer quality feedback systems provide easy access, enabling our managers to maintain a clear picture of the quality of our work and to address any issues immediately.

Customer Relationship Management

CrestClean’s Quality assurance, training and invoicing systems are designed to make dealing with CrestClean cost effective, pleasant and rewarding. This is evidenced by the long-term relationships we build with our customers. Naturally we follow the same long-term relationship philosophy with our own people too. The length of service of CrestClean personnel far exceeds industry norms.