Healthy Clean Workplaces

Environmental Assurances

Green CleaningCrestClean’s Green Cleaning is not just a response to fashionable trend – it has significant sustainable business benefits too. It improves hygiene, saves energy, reduces waste and creates a healthier workplace environment.

CrestClean Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Chemicals

The use of chemicals as cleaning agents is necessary to achieve a high standard of cleaning and hygiene. CrestClean uses a range of ‘environmentally responsible’ cleaning products, which have minimal impact on the environment while effectively protecting the health of your staff and customers.

With these particular chemicals coupled with our documented training program CrestClean can offer a unique compliant Green Cleaning service to meet your own organisation’s environmental objectives.

Efficient Microfibre Mops and Cloths

CrestClean cleaners use only high-tech microfibre mops and cloths which ‘hook’ dirt (using less chemicals), and give especially attractive results on shiny surfaces like glass and tiles.

Training on Environmental Best Practices

CrestClean personnel are trained to follow our strictly prescribed Green Cleaning processes, which help create healthy workplaces and assist with maintaining environmental compliances.

All CrestClean staff are professionally trained in the latest techniques of cleaning and hygiene by CrestClean’s training managers – The training programmes are based on the material developed by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. CrestClean is a corporate member of the BICS, which is the world’s foremost cleaning industry training programme provider. The courses cover many environmental topics and involve theory, practical experience and a formal assessment of the material to international Unit Standards criteria.

CrestClean Environmental Policy

CrestClean’s Environmental Policy shows a committed to minimising the negative environmental impacts of our business activities.

As well as complying with all legislative and regulatory requirements, there is an organisation-wide focus on leading the industry in ‘Green Cleaning’ procedures for environmental protection, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

CrestClean Environmental Management Plan

As part of CrestClean’s commitment to environmentally responsible cleaning practices, we have developed an Environmental Management Plan (EMP). As a customer you have the assurance that CrestClean, as your cleaning service provider, maintains environmental management compliances.

Day Cleaning Service

By cleaning your premises during daylight hours we can help to save money on energy costs.

Waste Reduction

We actively encourage all our customers to implement recycling systems and to involve their staff in initiatives to minimise waste.