Healthy Clean Workplaces

CrestClean Environmental Policy

Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd is committed to minimising the negative environmental impacts of their business activities.

As well as complying with all legislative and regulatory requirements, there is an organisation-wide focus on leading the industry in ‘Green Cleaning’ procedures for environmental protection, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Adhering to our Customers Environmental Policies

As the majority of Crest’s business activity takes place on the customers premises, we make it a priority to discuss and adhere to the customers own Environmental Policy where ever possible.

Product and Equipment suppliers

Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd sources all equipment and products used by our Franchises. We constantly research and update the products and equipment to ensure that they have minimal environmental impact.

Ongoing Training and Improvement

All Franchisees are trained and certified by NZQA in efficient, hygienic and environmentally sustainable practices.

We ensure new information from internal research and development initiatives is effectively communicated to all employees and franchisees.

We ensure that all Franchisees understand the hazards and care procedures associated with the specific chemicals that they use.

Green Buildings

We aim to provide information and help develop specifications to assist our customers meet “Green Building” protocols.

Liquid and Chemical Waste Management

Franchisees will always locate ‘Trade Waste’ facilities on the customer’s premises (where available) and ensure that harmful chemicals never reach storm water facilitates.

We work closely with Spill Response NZ Ltd and provide our franchisees with contact information and procedures to eliminate contamination if a spill occurs.

All chemicals are stored safely, labeled correctly and the correct dilution procedures are followed strictly.

Solid Waste Management and Recycling

No solid waste is left on the customer’s premises and all solid waste is recycled where possible.

Energy Conservation

Crest recommends ‘day cleaning’ to customers where possible. Day cleaning can produce energy savings of 5 – 12% compared to night cleaning. Our franchisees use only modern, efficient and regularly serviced equipment.

Emissions Management

Crest Vehicles are serviced regularly to ensure the lowest possible emissions and wherever possible the closest franchisee to the customer’s location will be used to eliminate unnecessary road use.

Filters and other emission controlling devices are cleaned regularly on all emission producing equipment (E.g. Vacuums).

Environmental Assurance

The Managing Director takes ultimate responsibility for the environmental performance of Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd.