Healthy Clean Workplaces

Health & Safety Assurances

Health and SafetyA clean and hygienic workplace is not only a legal requirement, it can also create a significant payoff in terms of improved staff retention and reduced absenteeism with fewer days lost to sickness.

CrestClean offers you a Health & Safety compliant cleaning service with equipment and procedures that produce industry leading hygiene standards.

Health & Safety Policy and Procedures
Our Health and Safety Policy and Procedures handbook is kept on site and records a formal induction to the premises and notes any specific dangers. We abide by our customers’ Health and Safety policies and ensure all protocols are followed.

Chemical Safety
No equipment or chemicals are stored at our customers’ premises. All chemicals used are contained in robust bottles with complaint labels. Chemical material Safety Data Sheets are printed in the Health and Safety Policy and Procedures handbook, which is kept on site.

CrestClean staff are professionally trained in the latest techniques of cleaning and hygiene by CrestClean’s training managers – The training programmes are based on the material developed by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. CrestClean is a corporate member of the BICS, which is the world’s foremost cleaning industry training programme provider. The training includes material from the New Zealand Health & Safety Employment Act 1992, which covers many practical aspects of workplace safety.

All personnel are training in practical cleaning, and receive a proper induction to the buildings where they will work in order that they can perform their duties to a high standard. The courses involve theory, practical experience and a formal assessment of the material to international Unit Standards criteria.

Safety Equipment
CrestClean personnel carry with them all required safety equipment to ensure a safe workplace for both them and any other people on the customer’s premises during cleaning.

Preventing cross-contamination
CrestClean uses separate equipment and colour-coded microfibre mops and cloths to minimise bacterial, viral and fungal cross-contamination between kitchen, office and toilet and public areas.

Health & Safety Inductions
All CrestClean personnel are given a formal induction to any new customers premises to ensure all CrestClean’s, and the customers’ Health and Safety policies and protocols are followed.

CrestClean’s Anti-Viral Sanitising Service
In addition to general cleaning, we offer an Anti-Viral sanitising service that targets high use, common area items like door handles and microwave oven buttons. This service kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, which can multiply and contribute to the spread of colds, flu and gastric illnesses. The Sanitiser formula is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be effective against viruses including influenza A (H1N1 Swine Flu).

Compliant Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure
CrestClean personnel are trained to follow the NZ Government Health & Safety Act Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure, including reporting to our internal Health & Safety Manager, the Managing Director and Government authorities where applicable.