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Microfibre Cloths and Mops

Microfibre is a high tech thread, which is woven onto cloths and mop heads that are very effective for cleaning.

Microfibre Cloths

Developed during the 1990’s microfibre cloths have made a huge impact on the cleaning industry, and are widely used in European and Scandinavian countries.  The cloths are made from a polyester thread so fine it’s almost hard to see – 10 kilometers of microfibre thread will weigh less that 1 gram.

The fine fibres attract and “hook” dirt, debris and grime, allowing surfaces to be cleaned with less effort than traditional cloths.  Microfibre does not scratch or harm soft surfaces. The cloths can be used either wet or dry – dampening the cloth makes it work better on dirtier surfaces.  Generally no chemicals are used, which is another benefit of using microfibre.

Microfibre cloths and microfibre mops are an integral part of Crest’s Green Cleaning practices.

All Crest franchisees use microfibre as part of their environmentally responsible cleaning systems.

Colour coded cloths are used for general surface wiping – the colour coding prevents cross contamination.

Microfibre cloths are excellent for interior glass, door handles and other shiny or high gloss surfaces.

Microfibre mops come with different heads for either dry or wet use.  They are really efficient for both vinyl floors and tiles.

Crest’s use of technology and modern cleaning systems allows us to provide customers with a high quality service at an economical price.

In advanced countries like Sweden, microfibre is commonly used for cleaning, and in most cases without any chemicals.  The cloths are used dry or just dampened with water.

Microfibre makes for a very efficient method of cleaning, and the minimisation of chemicals saves money as well as protects users and the environment.