Healthy Clean Workplaces

Security Certification and Insurance

Security & InsuranceCrestClean’s screening procedures give our customers a unique degree of confidence in the honesty and integrity of the people cleaning their premises.

Character and background checks

Before CrestClean personnel enter your premises they must first pass through the industry’s most rigorous personnel selection process. This gives both CrestClean and our customers confidence in the honesty and integrity of the people who are cleaning their premises.

Member of the New Zealand Security Association

CrestClean is a corporate member of the NZSA. Our personnel are individual members, and we abide by its Code of Practice. What’s more our personnel are experienced in working with site-specific security procedures, and they can always be reached by mobile phone while on your premises.

Uniforms and Photo ID

CrestClean personnel are very easy to identify. They are uniformed, wear photo ID and their signwritten vehicles clearly advertise that there are cleaners on the premises.

Public Liability Insurance

Crest Commercial Cleaning (India) Pvt. Ltd holds Public Liability insurance cover.